The Great Sound Void

Everyday, we incur new responsibilities, meet new people, and face new worries. These aren’t bestowed upon us by anyone other than ourselves, and we spend full days in the hustle and bustle of modern society. iPhones chirp, new emails ding, and life becomes filled with noise; some of it beautiful and inspiring, others just filling the void of the day. Even in an atmosphere as natural and surreal as the great outdoors, a morning is filled with the low-drum of a truck engine, the slamming of trailer doors. The sunrise brings cochlear chaos; screeching electronic snow goose callers, the squawk of a “cherry” circling overtop, the echoing thump of a shotgun blast, and the pant of a overly-stoked black labrador. As the day goes on more sounds fill our ears and minds, and we don’t ever take a note of it. The final hour of light has arrived, and the sounds only become more pronounced. Cheers of success and laughs of joy begin to fill the last available space. 

Then just like that, it’s over. The geese are done, e-callers cut off for the day. The dogs lay idle in their blinds, and there is a void of sound. Nobody speaks, not even the wind that had been ever present. In the west, sets a sun so beautiful and powerful, that it silences the last of the day’s events. It digs at the deepest part of the soul, bringing out our most instinctual love for nature. It brings a peace that only the heart of an outdoorsman will ever know and love. That beautiful dusk scenery creates a void, that is welcome time and time again. 

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