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Dream Weaver Creative: Photographer and Videographer in Brookings, SD, aimed at pleasing the eye and the heart through epic ads and captured memories. We are devoted to making you the next awe-inspiring brand, with awe-inspiring ideas.

Every person and every brand has a story. Some are told well with the written word, some are told better through powerful images, and some are told best with an adrenaline-injecting blitz of gorgeous video. 

Even if your needs aren't corporate, we do weddings and senior pictures in South Dakota and Iowa. 

Why Video Is Your Solution

People today face a larger set of media options than ever before. Long gone are the days that the only advertising needed was a 2x2 in the local newspaper. With dozens of popular social media apps, websites, blogs, television, and events, it's hard to know where to start.

That being said, every single day more businesses are seeing the power in "seeing is believing" on social media platforms. The potent combination of video and social media is here to stay, and we don't want to see you missing the same opportunity the competition is grabbing by the horns.

This Goes Beyond Images

No matter the story, how we help you comes in all shapes and sizes: A film showing what your business has to offer, handling your social media pages when you've just got too many other things on your plate, expressing your brand through creative writing, or brewing the second pot of coffee while we develop your company's next big hit.

We Want To Build Relationships 

Dream Weaver Creative is about more than the "one and done". We are about fulfilling a need for the same customer day 2, day 39, day 488. Our business finds success in helping your business succeed. Charisma, sales gimmicks, and rapid talking until someone needs a Ibuprofen isn't our business model.

We genuinely want to see our customers end better off, and that end game only comes through working hard for you. 

Sean "Dream" Weaver- Founder

Our ability to help your brand stems from my love for beautiful images, and a nearly-obsessive passion for effective advertising and marketing. This was only further refined during my time as a Business Economics and Marketing student at South Dakota State University. For more information on our work, to get an idea of what creative solutions we can provide for you, or to just talk about the weather, feel free to get in touch.

-Sean Weaver

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